Revolut, the global financial super app with more than 28 million retail customers, has announced the expansion of its trading platform in the European Economic Area (EEA). Thanks to the successful operationalization of its European trading entity, the company can now offer US listed stocks to all its customers in the EEA and proposes to the new-joiners of the trading domain an educational feature, directly in-app.

Revolut’s trading platform is gaining more popularity among investors looking to trade US listed stocks. From Apple to Zoom or Tesla, users can discover more than 1,000 stocks, which will be increased to 2,200 over the upcoming months. Stock trading with Revolut has an account deposit minimum of just $1, making it accessible to all. With a handy app, users can check the performance of a stock in real time with live watchlists, trading charts, and market news.

For those who have no previous trading experience, Revolut offers a course of six lessons that will help them to get acquainted with the basic concepts of investments and trading, before they start to build their portfolio in the app. To find the course, users need to head to the “Hub” in their Revolut app and choose “Learn”.

Rolandas Juteika, Head of Wealth & Trading (EEA) at Revolut says: “Besides the US listed stocks, we will soon be able to offer a range of additional investment products, including Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), stocks listed in EEA markets, mutual funds, bonds, robo-advisor service and a more sophisticated trading platform for experienced traders”.

The fully operational European trading entity, Revolut Securities Europe UAB, acquired a category B financial brokerage firm license back in 2021 from Bank of Lithuania. Existing EEA-resident trading users will be migrated to the new European trading entity and informed directly during the upcoming weeks.

Depending on the plan, users can perform 1 (Standard), 3 (Plus), 5 (Premium) or 10 (Metal) free trades per month. Once the free limit is passed, customers will pay a variable fee on each trade thereafter of 0.25% (min. $1.00). Revolut also applies a custody fee in USD of 0.12% annually of the market value of user assets, charged monthly.