First Bank launches its new collection of cards, transformed into one of the original artistic accessories, inspired by American art. The concept is unique in the Romanian market and is aligned with the bank's modern image. The new design is signed by Cheil Centrade and features already known, but reinterpreted brand identity elements.

"For us, the redesign process was a visual exercise to pay tribute to American DNA, by celebrating the most memorable American influences in design. Playing with different styles inspired by famous American artists resulted in a series of cards in which the symbol "1" takes the role of a central element, versatile and modular, adopting on each card a different color, a different pattern, a different style to reflect the personality of the honored artists”, said Mihai Gongu, Executive Creative Director Cheil | Centrade.

Developed around the most important visual element of the brand, the "1" symbol, the new design also had functional reasoning: the new cards are easily recognizable in Apple Pay and Google Pay electronic wallets.

"The new collection of cards is a premium one, through which we pass on to our customers our values, as well as the story of modern American artists, who revolutionized the history of art. Always looking different, but still unitary, the new First Bank cards can be seen as a series of mini pocket works of art, which will always remind the holders of The American Way", said Viorel Ruse, Director of Marketing and Communication at First Bank.

The first three cards in this collection, Visa Shop & Cash, Visa Business Debit EUR, and Debit Visa Platinum RON are already available in all branches of the bank. All customers who open new accounts and those who need to replace the old cards will benefit from the newly designed cards. The entire new card collection will be launched by the end of 2022.