Banca Transilvania’s technical team developed BT ONE internal platform used by its employees for account opening/onboarding and customer relations.

FlowX.AI innovative no-code/full-code technology is used to develop this platform and it enables the bank to fast and constantly develop new functionalities, every 2-4 weeks. This way, BT technical team launched ten essential functionalities for customer relations and advisory in less than a year.

Through its technical team’s support, Banca Transilvania developed, adopted, and scaled up FlowX.AI technology on top of its existing systems. It is a cloud-native platform that enables the bank to increase constantly its agility, visible, especially in customer responsiveness. It is also the main solution used by BT for the digital transformation of the internal processes.

The results of the platform:

  • For employees, it translates into simplifying the activity, by decreasing the number of applications used daily and increasing the speed of serving the clients. Over 2.500 employees of the bank use BT ONE daily.
  • For customers, it means simplification and rapidity, because it enables Banca Transilvania to onboard the individual clients in 5 minutes (including a subscription activation), and the SME customers in 15 minutes (including the Unlimited package, a selection of current account services) and the time for onboarding the clients is significantly reduced. The platform has a positive impact on more than 100.000 BT customers per day.
“BT ONE platform is part of Banca Transilvania long-term strategy of modernizing through technology the infrastructure that serves its branches. This investment has an important contribution to increasing the productivity and the operational efficiency while ensuring the security of the operations through technology applications``, states Mariana Chindriș, Executive Director of Technology, Banca Transilvania.

FlowX.AI platform brings a suite of digital solutions for banks and insurance companies, based on a revolutionary technology that enables them to develop modern digital products efficiently. By using FlowX.AI, the banks, insurance companies, and enterprise sector can deploy in a couple of weeks omnichannel digital experiences that unify and reuse the existing systems and further build and launch new functionalities in a few days. 

“I am excited to see our customers’ business results while adopting FlowX.AI technology. In modern society, enterprise software development is one of those areas with the highest rate in terms of invested resources that most of the time have results below expectations, way under the effort and investments. Our partnership with Banca Transilvania has shown us from the beginning that our mission and direction that we have in the FlowX.AI team - to drive sustainable growth in the enterprise world and improve employees’ and customers’ lives with world-class digital experiences - is correct”, adds Ioan Iacob, co-founder and CEO FlowX.AI.

Photo credit: Banca Transilvania