The Raiffeisen Bank's Supervisory Board appointed Alina Rus as Chief Financial Officer and member of the management Board. The nomination will become effective after obtaining authorization from the National Bank of Romania (NBR).

So far, the CFO of the bank was Mihail Ion, who will take over, as previously announced, another division of the bank, the Capital Markets, Investment Banking, and Personal Financial Planning, after authorization by the NBR.

Alina has been part of Raiffeisen Bank's team for almost 20 years and has extensive experience in credit risk management for SMEs and corporations, including in the analysis and management of risk processes, as well as in the field of regulations. Since 2015 until now, Alina has led the credit risk management activities for SMEs and Corporations.

“I am glad that Alina will complete our executive management team and I am sure that she will be able to have a significant contribution. She has outstanding skills as a leader and very well understands the needs of the business. We are looking forward to an interesting and challenging period in which we will be contributing to our bank transformation and to our achievement as an organization”, said Zdenek Romanek, President, and CEO at Raiffeisen Bank.

At this moment, the management Board of Raiffeisen Bank consists of seven members:

  • Zdenek Romanek – President & CEO
  • Cristian Sporis – Vice-President of Corporations
  • Vladimir Kalinov – Vice-President Retail
  • Mircea Busuioceanu – Vice-President Risk (CRO)
  • Bogdan Popa – Vice-President Operations and IT (COO)
  • Mihail Ion – Vice-president of Capital Markets, Investment Banking services, and Personal Financial Planning
  • Alina Rus – Vice-President and CFO.

Mihai and Alina are in the process of being authorized by the National Bank of Romania.

Alina Rus joined the Raiffeisen Bank team in 2003 working in the IT division, and since 2004 she has been part of the Risk division, the financial analysis department. In 2008 she became director of the Financial Analysis and Rating team and in 2015 executive director, coordinating the credit risk area for the non-retail segments of the bank.

Raiffeisen Group has 25 years of activity in the Romanian market and serves over 2.28 million customers, individuals, and legal entities. The bank has almost 4,700 employees, 300 agencies across the country, 1,131 ATMs & MFMs, and a network of over 26,400 POS.

Photo credit: Raiffeisen Bank