MOCAPP, an important Influencer Marketing platform in Romania, launches L!NK, an innovative tech solution for the European eCommerce market. With the help of L!NK, companies can now more easily select their brand ambassadors, by directly discovering customers who already have an influence on social media.

L!NK uses a unique algorithm, which anonymously scans the customer bases of online stores and allows them to find out which of their customers are popular on social media and can be most effectively involved in promotional campaigns, loyalty campaigns, affiliations or sales.

"In 2021 we made our debut in the markets of Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria, and this year we are targeting the entire European market with the help of this new proprietary application. L!NK is a technology product based on complex research into global trends and digital consumer behaviour, and empowers marketing teams to increase the impact of their sales campaigns, attract new customers, and improve brand confidence, regardless of the geographical location of the consumers or the size of the databases", says the manager of MOCAPP, Florin Grozea.

Thus, with the help of the application installed in the control panel of the Shopify online store, brands can easily identify and monitor which of their customers are influential on social media and can become ambassadors with credibility and impact. Automating these processes means saving a lot of time in managing customer bases, quickly scanning hundreds of thousands of data, and the ability to react and interact in real-time with influencers who appreciate the store and buy products naturally.

"The proprietary L!NK algorithm is unique in Europe and has the potential to be registered as an international patent. Our software aggregates complex data in real-time, analyses it and divides the details about each customer into 40 analysis points, to compose a scoring system that currently has an accuracy of 98.5%. The percentage increases as the algorithm scans more data and we estimate that it will reach 99.9% after the threshold of 1 million scans, which we will reach in June-July 2022 ", explains the Lead Developer of MOCAPP, Cosmin Gheorghilă.

The launch version of L!NK has already been validated by over 100 online stores from the UK, Italy, Brazil, Canada, the United States and Romania, which installed it in the first weeks after launch.

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