Romania's Fintech Map 2019

Romania's Fintech Map 2019

About the first Romania’s FinTech Map

Reported by Răzvan Enache, Project Manager Future Banking, and Arman Iliescu, Head of Growth, Future Banking

Since the dawn of time, every landscape that man could imagine had to be mapped. Likewise, every startup environment needs a cartographer and also an architect. But as a nascent ecosystem, the Fintech niche needs not just a map, but also dedicated stakeholders that are here to invest and to encourage sprouting innovations and rising founders.

Today, supported by our partners, we are committed to provide for the Romanian Fintech environment. By building the first Romanian Fintech Map, we place the very first brick of a future castle populated with unicorns and great FinTech knights.

We set ourselves to feed on a monthly basis this digital organism that is the FinTech Map in order to have an accurate picture of this landscape, thus beaconing every time a new FinTech is born and whenever a investment is made.

The launch of the first Romanian FinTech map is a proof of the commitment that Future Banking has taken since the first edition: to strengthen and promote our local FinTech ecosystem.

You have already seen that a lot of the startups mentioned in this report started to expand to new markets and I strongly believe that in the coming years will be the main actors who will shape the way financial services are used in that areas.

Let’s grow together the FinTech landscape!

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